The Author

Ema Volavola

Ema Volavola resides in Sydney, Australia, and is a single mother to her sons Ben and Milan. She has been a solo parent for a little over 20 years. She is the youngest of two girls, the half-sister to five boys and one girl, and a stepsister to two boys and one girl. Ema was born in Fiji, raised in England, educated in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. A former marketing and advertising executive, Ema moved to Sydney with her two sons to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) degree at the University of Sydney. She graduated from the program in 2004. Ema has always enjoyed writing, and the venture of writing this book is a dream come true. A book that’s been a long time coming. Ema conceived this idea many years ago, yet the busyness of life took over. This book is a labour of love. It was birthed out of years of questioning her purpose. She would ask herself how she could be an encouragement to other solo parents — women or men struggling in their journey. After years of pondering, questioning herself and many conversations with God, Ema took the leap of faith and decided to write this book.