RUNNING: The Redeemed and Victorious Life of a Solo Mum

RUNNING tells the story of a single mum, a solo parent who with two children in tow left the shores of Fiji bound to Sydney Australia in the hope of a better life. Her journey takes you through her challenges from when she was a child into her adult life. She shares the consequences of the choices she has made in life. Consequences that she had to make right.
Pregnant at 21 with her first child and alone in New Zealand, she took on the task of raising this child with the help of family in Sydney Australia. Because of her family’s Christian values, abortion was out of the question. Adoption was the only option. An option that she chose not to go along with but rather keep and raise the child herself.
Now a solo mum she moved back to Fiji and met a man who would soon become the father to her second child and guardian to her first. The relationship ended after 11 years.
Determined to give her children the best life that they deserved, she chose to go back to school. Four years later she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Liberal Studies degree from the University of Sydney.
Today, this woman and her children now walk in the blessing because of her choices. Walking with Jesus is a choice and the blessings that come with that decision will be revealed in her next book titled, WALKING.
This is her story.